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The Rise of Susilo Bambang

... Indonesians successfully conducted three general elections in 2004. The first, held on April 5, ... · 19 August 2005

Indonesia’s Approaching Elections : Politics, Islam and Public Opinion · 24 March 2006

Kualitas Pelaksanaan Pemilu dan Konsolidasi Demokrasi

... dan Pilpres 8 Juli 2009, LSI juga melakukan postelection survei pada bulan April 2009. Download ... LSI Kualitas Pemilu 2009 · 16 July 2009

Journal of Democracy: Personalities, Parties, and Voters

... in Problems of Democratization in Indonesia: Elections, Institutions and Society, edited by Edward ... In elections to the 560-seat People’s Representation Council ... Three months later, on July 8, Yudhoyono won reelection to the presidency with 61 percent of the vote in ... The 2009 balloting marked the third legislative elections since the ousting of longtime strongman Suharto ... of Democracy Mujani and Liddie · 19 March 2010

Indonesian Democracy and the Transformation of Political Islam

... citizens choose their leaders through competitive elections. On the other hand, this minimalist conception ... or individuals who participate in democratic elections—either as voters or as candidates for ... principles. Citizens participating in democratic elections may elect a candidate who, once in office, ... groups participating in democratic elections is not just a theoretical possibility, it is a ... Democracy · 22 March 2010

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